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Black-and-white is timeless, but more than that, it transcends reality and transforms an image into a realm that isn’t abstraction, but isn’t reality either. A black-and-white image deconstructs a scene and reduces it to its forms and tones. Distracting colors are recast as subtle shades of gray that add to a composition—at least if the image has what it takes to be rendered in black-and-white.

Personally, I love good black-and-white images. In fact, as a viewer of photographs, I’ve been most moved by good black-and-white images that have broad tonal ranges and deep, rich blacks. There’s something about them that just draws me in. I believe black-and-white has a strong place in today’s photography, and I can see two clear reasons to experiment with such a “restricted” palette—it’s easier than ever before, and it allows us to look at our subjects more deeply, expanding the possibilities of our photography.

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